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  • 1. Behavior
    Set your A/C thermostat to 22°c. Turn off you lights, A/C, water heater when leaving the room.

    Expected Reduction:

  • 2. Landscaping
    Use local trees to shade your home, especially in the West side

    Expected Reduction:

  • 3. Home Appliances
    Use high efficiency equipment certified by ESMA and QCC

    Expected Reduction:

  • 4. Infiltration
    Seal your home to keep cool air in

    Expected Reduction:

  • 5. Lighting
    Use high efficiency lights and day lighting when possible

    Expected Reduction:

  • 6. Windows
    Reduce Window Size Between 15-30%. Try to eliminate west window

    Expected Reduction:

  • 7. Insulation
    Use heat barriers (insulation) for walls and roofs

    Expected Reduction:

    8-15% walls
    10-20% roofs
  • 8. Air Condition
    When changing your AC, consider a more efficient option (More Stars)

    Expected Reduction:

    When Changed 10-20%
    Maintenance 5-7%

Conservation Calendar

  • Jan
    Thinking about traveling ? Well. Don't forget about your house ! it needs caring too. Turn off lights and set everything on an energy saving mode. Set your home temp low enough to save energy but high enough to keep everything in shape. Keep your Ac on Auto and 24c so it automatically turns on and off or consider turning it off all together since the weather is really smooth during this month.
  • Feb
    Look around your house Check appliances out and find out if they are old or not! Old appliances need to be replaced with new ones that are more energy smart . For instance, your dishwasher, washing machine, or fridge get the best one’s out there ! They will sure last you a life time .
  • Mar
    It's all about you this month! How can you save energy? Use less paper no need for paper bills it’s all about going green! Get your bill emailed, home electricity can it be renewable? if so get yourself on that plan, and washing clothes how about you switch to cold water instead it works and uses less energy.
  • Apr
    Nowadays we have an entertainment system at home and an office system at work all connected to one energy strip.But, even when they are turned off they are using up energy ! Yikes ! You need to invest in advanced power strips. They are exactly like regular power strips but they reduce the amount of energy wasted!
  • Jun
    If you start planning for a summer holiday here are some things to keep in mind. Consider carbon offsets when buying your ticket and how will your contribution help. There could be different ways of reaching your destination consider that too.When you’re out of the country omit using cars and take out that map and keep on walking ! You’ll see more and on the plus side lose weight ! GREAT
  • Jul
    Look around your house and see if there are different ways of doing things. Replace items that use up alot of energy with ones that use solar enrgy ! How about things you dont think you need? Maybe think twice about stuff you will throw away and recycle! turn them into something else , Be creative experiment !
  • Aug
    Energy consumption is ideal when everyone else is with you on the topic. So Don’t keep the info to yourself but spread it ! See yourself as the super hero of energy and the world is counting on you to save the day ! In this case save the Earth !
  • May
    Summer is on our doors so the temp is starting to get higher. Consider lowering your water heating system since the very high temp of the UAE will surely help in heating things up ! Think about hanging your clothes out to dry them up instead of using the dryer. Also you can reduce the energy your dryer uses by choosing a high-spin option during the wash, and then using the moisture sensor to shut off the dryer when the clothes are dry.
  • Dec
    Keep a timer! An occasional hot bath is a luxury but not on a daily bases. Keep on showering and get a timer too, Make a contest with your self the less time you spend in the shower the better and when you reach your ideal time as a prize how about you treat yourself with something !
  • Nov
    How about you start reducing your electronic consumption this month. Maybe not entirely but partially. replace that TV time with a book or a walk at the park or the beach. Phones are essential but unplug the charger when not used. Air conditioners ? It’s getting cooler by the day keep those AC’s turned off!
  • Oct
    Longer nights longer lights! The nights are longer and so we usually use more light so start investing in low energy bulbs and always turn lights off when not needed. Also instead of having them on high how about nicely dimmed !
  • Sep
    School is on the verge of opening its doors and everyone is ready for a new school year! The oldest tip in the book is? Well. Carpooling ! gather up your cousins and friends and off to school you go. Not only are you reducing carbon footprint but also enjoying some friend time before your class starts !

Do's and Dont's of Energy

Help us rationalize the consumption of electricity by following these directions:

    Switch off Lights & Fans/AC's when not required. CFLs and LED lights they’re a little bit more expensive up front, but in the long run they end up saving you money because they last so much longer.
    Sharing a car and avoiding short journeys by car, saves energy. Avoid Congested roads and rush hours.
    Recycling paper, glass, aluminum, steel and other materials to produce “new” materials, can make energy savings. Using both sides of the paper and recycling it can save 2.5 kg of greenhouse gases for every kilogram of paper used.
    Don't keep your devices turned on when not used or plugged in.
    Reuse of water whenever possible, Kitchen water can be used for watering plants.
    Don't set the water heater too high. For most people the ideal temperature is between 110 and 120 degrees, which is usually between the low and medium settings on a water heater thermostat.
    Don't Keep an Old Second Fridge or Freezer recycle and invest in a new one that will decrease your electricity bill!
    Don't Dig a Backyard Pool . It takes a lot of power to run the pump that circulates water through the filter to keep the pool clean. So if you have a pool or are set on installing one, make sure it’s fitted with the smallest pump

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Test Yourself

  • Which type of light bulb is the most efficient at converting energy into light?
  • What is the best method for reducing your personal computer's energy use?
  • How much less energy do compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use compared to regular incandescent bulbs?
  • Which household activity consumes the most water?
  • What is R-Value?
  • How many planets would we require if everyone in the world consumed as much as an average UAE resident?
  • What's the most cost-effective source of renewable energy for use at home?
  • What uses more energy? Six hours of laptop use or making coffee?
  • Painting your roof white will deflect 80% of sun’s heat, keeping your interior that much cooler.
  • What electrical devices consumes the most power when in standby mode ?
  • How much of energy in the fuel for your car is used to move it down the road?
  • What possible fuel reduction can you achieve only through behavioral changes while driving?
  • When is the best time to water your plants?

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